iPoint Capital Partners Founder and President Hilt Tatum IV

Located in Auburn, Alabama, Hilt Tatum IV founded iPoint Capital Partners in Panama City in 2006 and continues to drive operations as general partner, chief executive officer, and president. Under his guidance, iPoint Capital has placed investments in 10 countries and successfully closed multiple funds. Hilt Tatum IV is responsible for more than 1,000 employees in seven countries and has played a leading role in the construction of thousands of affordable houses in Panama.

Mr. Tatum has successfully started more than 20 companies during his career. In 2007, he expanded his activities by becoming the chairman of Oxford Consulting Group. He is also an investor and board member with Arcadier.com, a winner of numerous entrepreneur and innovation awards.

Hilt Tatum IV studied advanced corporate finance at the London Business School. He has also studied at the Institute for American University, France, and the University of Oxford’s Said Business School. During his time as an international business student at the University of Montana, he became a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.


Hilt Tatum
2876 Hamilton Road
Auburn, AL US